Digital Transformation of Bulk Restaurants

Digital Transformation of Bulk Restaurants

July 21, 2018

Client Overview:

Pioneer in Omni-channel transactions processing and cost-effective payment solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

Business Requirements:

Digital Transformation of end-to-end processes of multiple restaurants with enhanced payment options.

ONGO Solution:

ONGO collaborated with the list of restaurants to make all their processes digitized. A mobile application and admin console for the restaurant owner is designed for every restaurant in the list to operate internally and enhance their productivity. Latest technologies are installed in the app for app users within the restaurants to track multiple orders at once. Some of the major transformations include

Dine classifications: The app lists out multiple categories depending on the customer’s preferences from take away to home delivery. Each category has their step-by-step processes to complete the orders. It also permits to track the customers who booked their table along with the time-slot.

Waiter’s partner: As soon as a new customer enters into the restaurant, the waiter can modify the status on the app, serve the customer with help of app and select the items the customer’s opt for. This is redirected to the chefs in the kitchen on app without involving manual gestures of the waiter.

Behind the kitchen: Real-time updates are received from the chefs of selected items. Time is set for the chef to finish a particular order on the app. Once the dish is completed, the waiter is updated with the status.

Digital menu: The menu is grouped based on the items- from starters to desserts. It is updated constantly as the items change in the restaurant. Complementing with the menu, we assist the restaurants adopt high-quality graphics to display their items.

Automate orders: The app removes the long processes and automates orders based on customer’s previous orders just by one tap and the waiters can further add more to the selected items.

Billing and invoice: A complete billing and invoicing systems are built based on the customization of the restaurants. The receipts are digitized while they are sent to the customers on their mobiles.

Integrating e-wallets: These apps are integrated with all channels of payment as well as e-transfer. The waiter can provide customers with multiple choices. Customers can choose their feasibility and select a payment method.


The solution integrated with digital technologies provided transformed the way restaurants function

  • Increased efficiency by reducing time & effort by 80 percent
  • Automated and structured workflow
  • Individual accounts for all the employees of the restaurant
  • Reports and tracks all activities remotely and in real-time
  • Updating and modifications in less than a second
  • Cognitive UI- self-learning systems