Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Five ways to accelerate your digital transformation

July 28, 2018

“We’ve tried every way to enhance our digital transformation. But, we haven’t met our targets.”
-what we heard from our clients

“Digital Transformation” became the buzzword today, and businesses are continuously adopting this massive change to reinvent their processes. From promoting cost efficiency to gaining customer loyalty, businesses looked at Digital Transformation to improve their ROI. However, it’s only a few of them, who have reached their set targets. The others saw digital transformation only as an add-on.

Are you one of them? Did you try to be a part this digital transformation? But, abandoned in between thinking “it’s just hype”?

What if we tell you that more than 75 percent of the companies found digital transformation as the key element for their success!

Even though businesses are approaching digital transformation rapidly, they haven’t uncovered their new revenue streams. In the endeavor to attain new potential, businesses felt stagnated and faced a number of impediments during their digital transformation.

In such a context, how to accelerate your digital transformation becomes the question. Here are a five ways that help you to push your digital transformation to next level.

Key Elements to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Be Agile

The success of most companies is dependent on continuous improvement of their operations. The huge shifts from conventional way of processes to latest technology innovations, is only productive, when organizations are agile towards the innovations. As change is what marks Digital transformation, it is difficult for businesses to speed up their growth when they are rigid in their approach. The changing technology demands businesses to maintain the flexibility to adopt.

As digital transformation impacts all the dimensions of the organizations, it is significant that organizations maintain the volatility to adapt to it. The digitally-driven markets are constantly updated and it calls more change in order to improve overall transformation over period of time.

Pay-As-You-Go Model

Digital transformation with integrated technologies and IT infrastructure will involve huge investment. Paying exorbitant amounts for comprehensive packages which you may not need will not be a smart choice. Instead opt for models that let you reduce your Cap Ex (Capital Expenditure) rather than booming your budget at once.

Software pay per use has evolved as a contemporary trend in the market. This SaaS model adds benefits to your business as you can pay only when required, than investing in actual volume of IT resources consume. However, you are not obligated for buy the whole product. You are allowed to choose the time period that you desired use particular software. Depending on your necessities, you can fund for the IT resources for a time span. Including perks like halting subscription at any moment, scaling up with the increase of users, agility of this model scales down your risk to the minimum.

Simplification of IT

Digital transformation is more than just digitization of processes. It involves a fundamental shift of the way businesses function, redefining internal and external activities and re-establishing competencies and models. In this process, several complex IT systems are involved. However, it doesn’t mean that you integrate all the possible software. Reduce the number of applications, interfaces and technologies to make your transition a simple one.

"By 2018, 70% of siloed digital transformation initiatives will ultimately fail because of insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing or project management,” reported in FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions (IDC)

In order to prevent, adopt simple IT structures that enable smooth business operations. Leverage fully managed and integrated cloud platforms with AI can free your digital transformation from complex IT infrastructure. Incorporating these cutting-edge technologies can help you deliver more value to your customers and position yourself in the future innovations.

AI can free your digital transformation from complex IT infrastructure

Customer- centric Approach

Customers are the charge of your digital transformation. They are the key drivers in all the digital transformational processes, as the revenue of a business is dependent on them. Going digital would mean changing dynamics for product/service centric approach to customer-centric one.

As the primary goal of digital transformation is to enhance your customer satisfaction, make decisions that ensures your customers’ benefits. Businesses like Uber and Airbnb received massive recognition and growth as they made their paradigm shift customer centric.

Understanding your customers’ needs can help long run in establish your business entity in the market. Take time to analyze the market trends, collect information of your customer-behavior and interests and dive into customer sentiment analysis.

The major source for these would include your internal data, social media data, clickstream data and web searches. Moreover, you can use innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Mining and Cognitive computing to acquire and analyze the data. This helps you to sketch out clear lines in your digital transformation and personalized recommendations to your customers.

Embrace the Best Practices

Customers’ preferences and interests have changed more than ever we could imagine in the last decade. But in order serve their needs; be ahead of your rivals. Understand the digital disruption threat to your business. Churn out the best practices in the market and innovate your business with digital disruption.

Given the complexity of digital transformation, collaborating with the best practices and frameworks can be useful. These best practices can assist you in identifying, revising and optimizing you critical business and technology functions. Best practices bring years of efforts and research to enhance operational efficiency and lower integration costs and providing an ecosystem that make your digital transformation faster.

Bringing together technology expertise and smart revolutions, ONGO helps businesses to deliver digital innovations faster and in a more secure manner. With a framework that allows complete customization, ONGO makes digital transformation in less time. Moreover, it integrates latest technology revolutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques to make operations smarter. And, the best part, you can pay only for what you require.

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