Embracing Enterprise Mobility

Have You Embraced Enterprise Mobility?

June 25, 2018

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate” - remember this line from the famous Oscar-winning Hollywood classic Cool Hand Luke? The context was in a scene where prison rules were not readily accepted by some gutsy prisoners.

Cut to today and imagine a sales executive closing a crucial deal. He needs to pull data seamlessly behind the scenes to allow the client a smooth experience across devices. A ‘failure to communicate’ is the last thing he will want now.

Simplistically, this is one aspect what Enterprise Mobility does - ensure smooth communication for business operations. Today, mobile integration through MBaaS, web services or APIs allows apps to access backend systems, integrate with third party platforms, and support many application functions.

Do You Need Enterprise Mobility?

To summarize, Enterprise Mobility is the technology ecosystem that

  • Helps stakeholders to work away from office by using cloud services and mobile devices.
  • Allows mobility of corporate data by seamless integration with backend and different legacy systems.

If you’re wondering how well equipped your business is with respect to Enterprise Mobility, it’s probably worth asking yourself the following questions:

– Can you connect your employees to backend systems to increase productivity and accountability?

– Can you manage increased consumer demand as your customers shift to mobile?

– Can you balance employee and client privacy and security?

– Does your existing infrastructure support multiple devices, apps and sensors?

– Can your business cope with demands of the world that is connected 24/7?

Where is Enterprise Mobility Trending?

2017 has been a successful year for Enterprise Mobility in terms of adoption and innovations across verticals and locations. It is accepted as an essential and integral part of an organization’s growth.

Let’s look at the trends.

Enterprise Mobility and Artificial Intelligence

The cutting-edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing is the crux of all innovations now. With the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a concept, companies should start leveraging the advantages of these technologies and vision their Enterprise Mobility ecosystem.

Increase in Migration To Cloud

Due to east availability of information and more usage of Big Data, Enterprise Mobility solutions have become more robust and popular. There is more migration to Cloud Services now.

However, there are still security issues with respect to Cloud Services. To counter that, enterprises are going for more and more hybrid structures. They are hosting critical-information apps on premises and other less-critical apps on the Cloud.

Location-based Enterprise Applications

With the increase in commercial applications, the dependency on on-premise computers is fast receding. Across companies, we can see more integration of hardware to mobile devices to ensure seamless experiences for all stakeholders concerned,

IoT Continues To Play a Crucial Function

The abilities of IoT (Internet of Things) to extract data from a user’s daily habits, analyze them and map patterns have tremendously helped the concept of Enterprise Mobility. Businesses are able to take correct decisions based on Big Data and apply strategies at appropriate time lines.

With BYOD at its peak and the popularity of wearable technologies that are inter-connected, Enterprise Mobility is the future of business operations across the world.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility management or EMM software will gain rapid traction in 2018.

Businesses have put their work processes and data to mobility. There is much streamlining and improved productivity and communication but, this has also brought forth the issues of privacy and security. So management of such complicated and connected data flow has become a major challenge.


Enterprise Mobility is one of the key pillars of Digital Transformation that is the buzz today. It is no longer just an ‘internal application’ - along with Cloud Migration and IoT, it is shaping the future of business across the world.

Back to movies! To quote Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and juxtapose it to today’s need of Enterprise Mobility for your business - “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."