Innovative Farming Techniques

Improved Farmers’ Lives Through Technology

June 21, 2018


One of the largest exporter of rice, exporting to more than 15 countries. It is engaged in paddy purchases, processing, milling and grading of rice and its by-products.

Business Requirements:

Automation of the end-to-end sales and procurement processes.

ONGO Solution:

ONGO aimed to completely digitise, automate and empower the stakeholders- the farmers or producers, brokers or agents, millers and processors, import and export processes, sales and marketing agencies, and the end consumers.

However, on research, ONGO found that most farmers are underpaid for their produce as they do not have adequate knowledge or are in a hurry to get rid of the produce because of its perishable nature.

The solution lies in online auction. And, ONGO created an app with real-time bidding engine, where stakeholders can directly put in the quotes and the best quote wins.

Of course, this is only one aspect of the app that ensures free and fair competition, without lapse of time. On a more broader level, the app has helped the client to automate their entire sales and procurement processes using real-time bidding engine.

To streamline the processes even further, ONGO built customised B2B & B2C sales platforms on Native Web, Android & iOS platforms and automated the supply chains.

Plus, ONGO created a one-stop interactive dashboard which helps the management to coordinate daily operations on a single platform.

ONGO also offers effective MIS (Management Information System) with dashboards. They help the top management see real time run rate, get attention to required approvals and have a holistic view of their entire operations.

ONGO reduced 60% to 90% of development time due to its in-built technology that can be quickly customized to every need of the client.


  • Reduced the amount of investment in the process of digital transformation with CoKube
  • Streamlined the business and stakeholders to reduce the inefficiencies that have plagued the agricultural sector for long
  • Embedded cognitive technologies to enhance agri-business processes