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What’s Your Mobile Strategy? 3 Keys to Nail it!

June 20, 2018

What’s Your Mobile Strategy? 3 Keys to Nail it!

Create a web, then move the web interface to a mobile, format a few factors and voila your reach your target!

Is it so simple to come up with your mobile strategy or is it a cumbersome task of evaluating every aspect? What is your mobile strategy?

For years, from large to small-scale businesses, transforming web interfaces to fit mobiles is what seemed to be feasible to them. However, with an increased number of mobile users across the globe, and with growing personalization, how do you develop a right mobile strategy for your business?

A large mass is shifting from desktops to mobiles to find their everyday answers. It is expected to cross more than five billion mobile phone users across the globe by 2019. If your business is not ready for it, you are missing out a lot more than what you think!

Even though a good mobile strategy takes time to build from the scratch, a right mobile strategy can engage your users and distinguish your brand from the competitors. This makes it important that you create a comprehensive mobile strategy that allows a huge number of users to interact with your business on mobiles.

A few points to consider while framing your mobile strategy

  1. Identify What are Your Targets

Before you pick your strategy, it important you remember that your mobile strategy aligns with your business goals and vision. While aligning your business vision, you must define the specific objectives that you want to achieve with a mobile strategy.

Identify what you want to gain with a mobile strategy. Is it brand recognition? Is it the sale of your products/services? Is it loyalty of your existing customers? Or all of them? Well, it is achievable. This defines your approach and path to achieve them.

It is also important that you set realistic goals and deadlines while identifying your targets. The more realistic your targets are, the more likely you reach them. This also keeps you focused towards your objectives.

  1. Right IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

The second thing you must keep in your mind is- the right mobile app environment (IDE). This becomes vital in driving success on mobile platforms. It provides a feasible interface for the users to stay longer on the app. Choosing the right mobile environment can leave you in a tactical situation. However, depending on your objectives you select whether you need a native app, a hybrid app or a Web app.

Even though the native mobile application has been a choice of a number of businesses, you must be aware that if you for a native app, you must build two separate apps: for iOS and Android. This adds up to additional cost for you. But, there are the best in terms of performance and functionalities.

In case of limited budget, you can opt for a hybrid app or a web app which are flexible for both the platforms (iOS and Android) with reduced capabilities. To know more what is best for your business, check our exclusive on Native Apps or Web Apps.

  1. User Experience

Today, the industry is shifting to user-centric models. Knowing your customers plays a significant role in defining your mobile strategy. Every design or upgrade must provide a positive user experience. Success metrics like user retention and user lifetime value are dependent on the user experience you provide on your mobile interface.

UX Elements like functionality of the app, performance, and design must aid the user to accomplish the reason which motivated for installing the app. Prioritizing core features can enable the user to meet his needs on mobile interfaces.

Additional features like reduced search options and security can prompt the user to stay with the app for a longer duration. Creating seamless visual flow while maintaining consistency with typography and other design elements help users complete their goals with ease.

Moreover, integrating your mobile strategy with social media can assist you in engaging your customers. It can include sharing content on the mobile interfaces to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others.  

CoKube takes your mobile strategy to next level. We use our multidimensional framework to build mobile apps that line with your business objectives. We reduce 60- 90 percent of the development time and deliver apps in 60 minutes.

Apart from providing apps in short span, we integrate latest technology innovations like Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to derive a mobile strategy that enables businesses to understand user preferences much better.

With the help of those technologies, you can comprehend user behavior real-time and retarget them based on the purpose. The usage patterns are identified and assist them in making decisions and serving their goal in using the app. Furthermore, several features of the app are personalized to every user to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Do you want to define or redefine your mobile strategy?

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