Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile App?

June 18, 2018

Mobiles are the fastest growing industry today and it would not be a surprise if they are the future. They are no longer confined to calling. More and more individuals are completing their chores through mobiles alone. They have become a tool to manage all tasks including both professional and personal. They have become a personal assistant, tracker and as well as a guide.

In 2017, there are about 4.77 billion mobile users across the globe. It is estimated that more than 5 billion people would look at mobile phones to redefine processes in 2019. With the evolution of new technologies for smart-phones every hour, the future of mobile phones has turned to be prominent more than ever.

This presented an opportunity for businesses to grow by adopting mobile platforms to take the flavor of innovation. A number of corporates from large-scale business to SMEs and start-ups are looking at mobile apps to launch their products to the market. Mobile apps brought in a new dimension to businesses.

There are multiple ways in which a mobile app can accelerate growth. Here is why we think mobile app becomes a key dimension for your business.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business
  • 1. Connectswith Your Customers Directly

    Selecting a right marketing channel is necessary to reach your target customers. Nothing can beat the impact of direct communication with your customers. Mobile apps provide a channel for business to interact directly with your customers. They come with multiple features giving the pliability to align with your business goals.

    Mobile apps help you connect with your new customers effectively. Whether it is offers on the products, or comprehensive details of the product, from price to review, apps are the place to know more. You can sell the product directly to your customers without a third party vendor or intermediaries. Further, you do not have to make additional endeavors to help your customers comprehend the product usability. Every time you need to grab the attention of the audience, you can directly communicate with your customers. Moreover, they can easily remind customers about the products they want to buy.

    2. Enhances Customer Interaction

    Communication with your customers plays a crucial role in thelong-term success of your business. “Every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity. If you go above and beyond on the customer service side, people are much more likely to recommend you.” (Stewart Butterfield, Entrepreneur) Especially, in the early phases of building a relationship, effective interaction makes sure that your products meet specific needs of your customers.

    Mobile apps enhance the communication between your business and your customers. They are built keeping in mind the most desired functions for users. They help users have a personalized experience,unlike websites. The apps guide them on where to go and what to do, while customizing the products’ list to users’ preferences. When it comes to features like ashopping cart and others, the customer need not log in or sign into their account, the app gives the users feasibility and providessuperior user experience. Mobile apps cut down the number of processes and ease up the interaction bringing your products or services closer to your target audience.

    Enhances Customer Interaction

    3. Gains Customer Loyalty

    In an era where the number of choices is more than the number of buyers, it is difficult to keep your customers loyal to your brand. On the other hand, the competitive prices and innumerable offers lure customers to different companies. In this context, retaining your customers becomes a tactical affair. But, it is the key to any growing business.

    Businesses use several loyalty strategies to keep their customers. Mobile apps are a way that can help you build true value to businesses gaining customer loyalty. They allow reward programs to strengthen the relationship between the customers. They assist business to build aconnection with both new and existing customers and make them loyal to the products in multiple. The new customers to the app can enjoy first buy offers, whereas, the existing customers can collect points or credits and get rewards ‘cause your loyal customers can fetch you more credibility than any.

    4. Accelerates Your Sales

    Be it a small-scale business or a large one, the most tangible benefit is sales. Mobile apps motivate your customers in different ways to buy their favorite products and increase the sales. Availing your products not just online, on apps makes it viable for customers to buy them easily. It is noted that more than one-fifth of the sales of online business happen on apps.

    One of the companies which saw asignificant increase in their sales with mobile apps is Domino’s Pizza. This pizza business has increased their online sales up to 28 percent in theUK. Within six months of mobile app launch, the business has observed more than 50 percent orders from mobile devices.

    Mobile apps have been a great tool for sales. The programs are designed to manage any number of leads. When these leads are responded on regular, there is a wider scope for them to turn into conversions. They simply shortened the whole process involved in the purchase of the products.

    5. Cuts Down Your Costs and Time

    Every penny counts in a developing business. Mobile apps help your business cut down costs at multiple levels. From advertising to themanagement of processes, mobile apps reduce the costs often involved in them. The costs of SMS messages, newsletters, leaflets and others are reduced with app notifications. These notifications constantly enable your products to reach your customers and serve the purpose of advertising.

    Not only customers can keep a track with real-time data updates, but also you can track the orders list and organize them more productively. Further, apart from advertising costs and others, mobile apps handle the inventory management process. They make it uncomplicated to check the products available, manage orders, payments process and other crucial information. For instance, when your customer orders a product and would like to change any criteria. The app manages it efficiently without additional services saving both money and time.

    6. Opportunities to Develop Customers’ Interest

    Customer’s interest in your products plays a pivotal role in thedevelopment of your business. Mobile apps are a great way to create interest in your customers. From interface to animation of your products, mobile apps enhance the visualization of your products. They might seem superficial, but the power of visuals may not be ignored and they raise interest among your audience to stick to the app.

    Mobile applications keep your customers to be informed about all new offers and promotions. It also lets your customers take a glimpse of your new launches and build curiosity among them. The more your customers are involved in the app, the more they are titled to purchase your products. Mobile apps give anopportunity for your business to enlarge your customer base.

    7. Enables Presence at Your Customers’ Convenience

    Park Associates research (2016) on Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers found that “95% of millennials are smartphone owners, compared to 89% of Generation Xers and 74% of baby boomers. Millennials also have higher usage rates for gaming consoles, streaming media players, robotic floor cleaners, drones, personal assistant devices, and virtual reality headsets.”

    Mobile App Usage by Generation

    No matter how mobile-friendly your website may be, the app would be a choice for millions of individuals across the world. It was realized that a middle-aged man would spend atleast half an hour of his time on his smart-phone everyday. And, businesses are making most out of it.

    With a mobile app, your business is present for your customers at any point of time. It gives the customers the flexibility to view the products at any given time and at their own pace. Thanks to GPS and geo-targeting technology, you can send well-timed content with the time theme that suits each location. Your products are available at the touch of the phones.

    8. Embracing the Trend

    Successful businesses know what makes them stay ahead in the competition. In the age of smart-phones, you may not want to miss any chance which promotes your business growth. The world is moving towards mobiles to get things done. Mobile apps revolutionized reaching outto customers.

    And, if you think mobile apps are only for large-scale businesses. You must reconsider your perspective. From SMEs to start-ups, all businesses, today, are expanding their customers with mobile apps. Embrace the trend of mobile apps for your business, not to fall into the group, but to gain acompetitive edge in this fast-moving world.

    9. Builds Your Brand

    A brand is more than a logo or a catchy tagline for your business. It defines and confirms your credibility in this fast growing world. Businesses invest time and money in building a brand. The success of your business is invariably dependent on brand awareness. And, one of the simplest ways to build your brand is through mobile apps.

    A study at Indiana University and Murdoch University in Australia established that “mobile apps have a positive impact on brand favorability and purchase intent”. They have compared the result without brand interaction on theapp and with brand interaction on a mobile app. They found a significant increase in the level of intent to purchase the product after the interaction on app.

    Mobile apps provide a right platform for customers to learn the know-how of your products as well as your business. The appprovides product reviews and deals information which is effective in engaging your users. Because of the informational style of the apps, they help your business in clearly delivering messages to your prospective customers. They permit an emotional connection between your target prospectsand your products making it an ideal channel for your business to gain recognition in the global market.

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