Pioneer Your Agri-Business with Cognitive Intelligence

Disrupting agriculture through evolving cognitive technologies, we enhance opportunities for business in this traditional industry by ensuring efficiency and supporting food production, marketing and sales. Our major focus lies in mitigating upcoming challenges of agriculture through Machine Learning. We provide both B2B and B2C solutions.


1. Procurement Management

We integrate cognitive computing to manage agriculture supplies and coordinate with agri-business owners to build apps that help businesses to evaluate bulk orders and organize them for transactional agreements.

2. Process Automation

Without code being involved, our framework implements complex tasks with AI automation. We visualize the whole process, and design it to ease up agri-business regular tasks.

3. Dealer Network

Cataloguing all the services online, our AI-integrated solutions undertake the role of the third party and provide a platform for two or more businesses to exchange their products.

4. Branding

We digitally transform the agricultural businesses to enable global presence. We emphasize on business branding and gaining recognition using advanced cognitive models. With effective advertising and promotion, we build confidence in the product quality.

5. B2C Order Management System

We develop solutions to help in planning field activities or campaigns, delegate them and track them in real-time. These solutions also enable booking products, canceling and managing orders within seconds by comprehending customer behavior.


Framework for AI Integration

AI Integration

The solution incorporates AI algorithm. Decisions are driven with data mining and machine learning at every step. Leverages Artificial Intelligence to enhance overall business strategy.

Cognitive UI

Cognitive UI

Cognition is unique to each individual. The solution captures this cognitive user behavior to personalize UI/UX for each individual through self-learning systems.

Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

Enables admins to monitor and control applications. Businesses can effectively modify and update relevant information real-time.



Includes a system of Analytics to track and analyse users’ actions time-to-time so as to ensure better functionality.

Social Integration

Social Integration

Engages app users and enhances business relationships. Allows users to communicate directly, enables on-the-go news and social sharing.



Permits users to express their experience and report it on the app. Provides an easy channel to get suggestions that can shape the future of the business and app.