Give Your Customers Exceptional Experience with AI Integration

Cognitive technologies have profoundly impacted the finance industry. They have enabled financial innovations at fingertips. We have immersed ourselves in providing financial solutions and machine learning tools for the sector to accelerate their processes in terms of banking as well as investments.


1. Digital transformation of Banks

We implement secure and quick strategies for banks to ensure best banking experience for their customers online. We build products that are agile to both bank admins and customers; and safeguard the details of all customers compact.

2. Payment tool for E-commerce Businesses

We enable online retailers to instantly offer monthly instalment plans at checkout or on existing credit cards. We create an AI intermediate layer between an e-commerce platform and a pre-existing payment gateway.

3. Mobile Payments

We assist in building e-wallets for businesses. We manage billing and accounting systems for the financial services and make them feasible through AI management of activities.

4. Investments

Investment platform online can make a huge difference to customers. Investing money is complicated with stocks and charts. We provide cognitive solutions for these to help investors build their portfolio in the investment vertical.

5. B2B Finance Interaction

We enhance the experience of transferring money from one business account to another. The app manages the information of each transfer and the purpose of that transfer - making it easier for the accountant in creating statements for the company with higher-level comprehension.

6. POS Systems

We provide easy techie-method for the merchants to complete processes at the point of sale. The solution manages calculation of the amount owned by the customer, prepare an invoice and send it to the customer’s mobile.


Framework for AI Integration

AI Integration

The solution incorporates AI algorithm. Decisions are driven with data mining and machine learning at every step. Leverages Artificial Intelligence to enhance overall business strategy.

Cognitive UI

Cognitive UI

Cognition is unique to each individual. The solution captures this cognitive user behavior to personalize UI/UX for each individual through self-learning systems.

Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

Enables admins to monitor and control applications. Businesses can effectively modify and update relevant information real-time.



Includes a system of Analytics to track and analyse users actions time-to-time so as to ensure better functionality.

Social Integration

Social Integration

Engages app users and enhances business relationships. Allows users to communicate directly, enables on-the-go news and social sharing.



Permits users to express their experience and report it on the app. Provides an easy channel to get suggestions that can shape the future of the business and app.