Transforming Healthcare with AI Innovations

We use our technology innovations to accelerate healthcare services for patients across locations. We do more than managing patient records and coordinating schedules, thanks to AI. We offer a number of health-tech services to reach out to the public.


1. Online Consultation

In case of an emergency, it becomes critical that the patient receives right treatment on time. We coordinate with health organizations to build a platform to interact with professionals online real-time.

2. Emergency Assistance

We enable healthcare services to reach the needy. This type of healthcare apps routes patients to the nearest and cost-effective emergency rooms.

3. Individual Hospital Digital Transformation

We ensure availability of hospitals 24/7 by providing them with web and app platforms. We design AI solutions to include hospital information, list of professionals and their availability, types of health services, etc.

4. Lifestyle Management

We build platforms to educate patients, schedule appointments and track health parameters. This category includes diet monitoring apps, healthy nutrition, exercise guide and fitness tracking apps.

5. Clinical and Diagnosis Assistant

We create diagnosis assistant apps that provide health record access, electronic charts, X-rays, lab test details, etc. Using data mining techniques, they can diagnose health conditions with accurate details.

6. Medication Trackers

Often patients miss their daily medication due to busy schedules. We use Cognitive Computing to create apps for healthcare businesses that encourage patients to stick to their prescription regimen.

7. Online Medicine Ordering

Coordinating with the medical stores, we build web/apps to order medicines and receive home deliveries. Using Cognitive Computing, we leverage real-time updates to track user-actions.


Framework for AI Integration

AI Integration

The solution incorporates AI algorithm. Decisions are driven with data mining and machine learning at every step. Leverages Artificial Intelligence to enhance overall business strategy.

Cognitive UI

Cognitive UI

Cognition is unique to each individual. The solution captures this cognitive user behavior to personalize UI/UX for each individual through self-learning systems.

Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

Enables admins to monitor and control applications. Businesses can effectively modify and update relevant information real-time.



Includes a system of Analytics to track and analyse users’ actions time-to-time so as to ensure better functionality.

Social Integration

Social Integration

Engages app users and enhances business relationships. Allows users to communicate directly, enables on-the-go news and social sharing.



Permits users to express their experience and report it on the app. Provides an easy channel to get suggestions that can shape the future of the business and app.