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Majority of brokers currently play limited role as price discoverers, while some lack professionalism and have failed to build a trust-based relationship with their customers.
The insurance broking industry grapples with multitudes of challenges including high fragmentation, inadequate penetration due to low level of risk appreciation, lack of product innovation, and evolving regulatory landscape.
According to our corporates’ survey, the most important reason to switch brokers could be “poor servicing by brokers” — mentioned by close to 80% of respondents.
According to our corporates’ survey, around 50% of corporates are willing to avail comprehensive risk management services, bespoke coverages and analytics services from brokers in the next five years.
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Stay ahead in digital economy

Cloud. And Mobile first for better Customer experience

Elimination of manual processing by automating the documentation process, results in efficient and smart business

Instant and accurate generation of reports

Designing a familiar interfaces in use by the insurance agencies

Fast sharing of information by efficient data management

Accessibility of data from various sources like, Excel, API etc

Corporate entities’ major reasons for switching brokers
Corporate entities’ expectations of value-added services from brokers
Ways in which brokers can help individual/retail customers
Insurer expectations


B2B2E - Employee Benefits

Digitally equipe employees for their Insurance needs. Mobile fist solutoins help them manage family records on their own.

B2B2C - Associations

Associations with capitive audience can provide customized insurance products to their members or non-members.

B2C - Retail

Define product line that appeals to large customer base. CoKube defines a White-labelled web and mobile presence to buy products Online.

B2B - Retail

Engage and onboard businesses to cross sell insurance products along with their offerings. A electronic stores to sell extended warranty, An Auto-Dealer sellinng automobile insurance. Customer center to delivery insurance as one of thier offering.


digital workflows from first notice of loss to analysis and settlement or litigation to cover both automatic and manual claims evaluation cases.
Increase your conversion rate by engaging user-friendly journeys and provide your customers with the best insurance purchase experience.
Manage the insurance portfolio of the partner with project or non-project policies, re-Insurance pattern etc
easing the process, from a certificate request agaist policy to auto-read emails from Insurer and manage the certificate repository for future reference.

Assisted & Informed Buying

Explore more business opportunities with "Sell Suite" helping streamline cross-sell and upsell insurance products to B2B2E, B2B2C, B2C partners.

Digitally Transformed Operations

"Service suite" helps Empower team with technology to enhance operational efficiency in claim processing, quote generation, portfolio management etc

Configurations, Customizations & Support

Dedicated team of experts handling workflow and process configurations, customizations needed as per the business need.
140,000 policies
6M+ USD Premium
4000+ Quotes
12000+ Claims
1400+ Certificate requests

Affinity Customers Relationship

Business Objectives


Faster and Better New Affinity Customer Acquisition


Higher Retention of Existing Customers



Onboarding Technology is a Differentiator but hard to deliver
Slow Adoption
Clunky Onboarding Experience


Claims Support complexity
FTE attention and Ongoing Cost
Annual Customer Attrition

Impact on Business

Lower prospect to customer conversion ratios

4. Drop in CSAT
5. Lower profitability
6. Higher Cost Customer Acquisition to fill Revenue Gap

>= 25% Low revenue realization

Yes. Social media can work for any company. Social media allows end consumer connections to be made and maintained like no other advertising outlet. It enhances customer relations and creates a portal to reach out to new potential clientele and disseminate information while promoting positive feedback and combating the negative.

Drop in renewal rate (60% drop)

Our reporting consists of monthly overviews; different platform insights and analysis; a Facebook ad screenshot with relevant statistics; screenshots of top performing posts; and campaign call outs and next steps.

Drop in CSAT

The Facebook Like component is an important aspect of the Facebook Page, but engaging the target audience is our main focus. It does not benefit a company to have 1,000,000 fans if they are unable to stimulate those fans. Even worse, if the fans are hiding posts from their News Feeds, then no one is seeing any of your content. We do not promise any specific number of fans, as we are interested in the quality of fans over the quantity. We strive to build our Pages through organic means, creating a strong brand and loyal fan base. This in turn will expand the reach of the word of mouth, or in the case of Facebook, word of News Feed.

Lower profitability

All of our clients are asked to fill out a survey, which outlines much of the typical information we need to get started. As we deepen our relationship, we’ll become an extension of your team and we pride ourselves on learning as much as possible about the inner workings of your company. We stay up-to-date on new promotions and information via the client and monitor any online activity directed at or about the company so the social media sites will always be correct and current.

Higher Cost Customer Acquisition to fill Revenue Gap

Let the professionals handle it. The primary benefit to having an agency manage your social media campaign is experience. By focusing specifically on social media, agencies have the ability to stay up-to-date on current changes and know all of the ins and outs of the various intricacies of social media. At Wpromote, we have contacts at many of the social platforms and are kept abreast of any changes that may occur so we may plan accordingly.
Business Objectives
  • New Affinity Customer Acquisition
  • Retaining Existing Customers
  • Data and system security
  • Data analysis & reports
Solution Enablers
  • Mobile First, Cross Browser Portal Solution, Cloud Ready
  • Anytime, Anywhere and Any-device access to services
  • Customer Portal with Policy, Quote and Renewal modules
  • Short implementation time
  • Claims Support complexity
  • FTE attention and Ongoing Cost
  • Annual Customer Attrition
Value Delivered
  • 3x to 5x faster Customer Onboarding (typical 3-6 months reduced to 6-8 weeks)
  • Faster revenue realization
  • Smoother Onboarding
  • Higher potential retention
  • Faster Claims TAT
  • Low FTE involvement
  • Happy Customer, Longer Customer Retention
$20 / Month
Great for starters
  • 7 marketing channels
  • 1-click automations
  • Basic templates
  • Marketing CRM
$30 / Month
Great for starters
  • All email templates
  • A/B testing
  • Custom branding
  • Automation series
  • 24/7 award-winning support
$65 / Month
Great for starters
  • Retargeting ads
  • A/B/C testing
  • Custom templates
  • Advanced audience insights
  • Unlimited seats and role-based access

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